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Mass Emailing reaches a large number of recipients at nominal costs. It promotes 'relationships' in that keeps them informed of company happenings, offers, and other news. crystal's mass email program offers clients the tools to prepare and deliver a message. ONLY 2 Cents an email or low monthly rates!!


  • Generate Names and Emails: We provide code to collect names and emails
  • Email Design: We design the email campaign that best represents your business and what you want to communicate. Emails will be designed to meet FCC standards against spam.
  • Stats: We supply stats of the results of the email campaign

Rates per Campaign Sent

  • 2¢ per email
  • 3¢ per phone recipient
  • Custom Design Fee - TBD.
    If using same look as your current website, then no extra charge

    Example: If your list has 1000 people here are the associated costs
    • Campaign: $20 + $5 Service Fee = $25.00

Monthly Rates + $5 Server Fee

Total Email Relays
Total Email Relays
up to 500

We will add the following form to your website:

We will add the following form to your website:

  • Your data will be kept on our database
  • When you give the go ahead, we will send out a message.