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  • icon_searchengineSearch engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s un-paid (“organic”) search results. In general, the higher ranked on the search results page, and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.

    Like honey attracts bees, we will add components into the coding of your website to make your website (the honey) more attractive to the search engines (the bees). Our goal is to drive potential customers, viewers, or people of interest into your website. Call us at 323.201.2184.

    What we’ve done

    Our Client Previous Stats Improvement
    Scriptwritersnetwork.org 100 visitors a month 4500 visitors a month
    B Patrick Movers 20 visitors a month 150 visitors a month
    Dr. Bob Rothbard 200 on email list 1500 on email list
    Buzy Bees Insurance Did not rank #1 Riverside Insurance Services
  • icon_syndicationSyndication means sharing your information with other websites, which does several things. (1) Validate your expertise in your respective field (2) Increases exposure to your business utilizing another site’s traffic and (3) regarded favorably towards search engines.

    If necessary, we will install WordPress into your server and under your domain name. We can then do one the following:

    1. Client Provided Articles and Videos
      Write 2 articles a month and place them in your blog.
    2. Use other people’s content and videos
      We look for and place six relevant articles (copied and pasted) written by another author, offering full credit to that author and link back to original source of the article.

    Then we syndicate to the following article submission sites:

  • icon_socialmediaSocial Media is a form of communication used for both business and personal. For business, the social media platform offers to keep an audience informed, offer discounts and services, and build an audience.

    We focus on the following: Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest – Linked In – YouTube – Google+ – and two more of your choice.

    Here’s what we do:

    1. Set up profiles on all of the social media sites just mentioned
      • Add personal bio data
      • Adding up to 10 images
    2. Add 6 articles another source and 2 videos
    3. Create social media icons on your website and blogs, that links back to the respective social media sites.
  • icon_landingpagesAn important strategy to rank high on the search engines is obtaining domain names with embedded key search terms. This strategy has been effective to gain good ranking on search engines.

    • We determine valid search terms for your website.
    • Purchase available domains and establish hosting.
    • Create a ‘one-page’ website with a small amount of content and links to the main website.
    • Prices
      • 1 Domain Name + Hosting –  $100
      • 2 Domain Names + Hosting – $150
      • 3 Domain Names + Hosting – $200
      • 4 Domain Names + Hosting$250
      • 5 Domain Names + Hosting – $300
  • icon_messagingMass Emailing reaches a large number of recipients at nominal costs. It promotes ‘relationships’ in that keeps them informed of company happenings, offers, and other news. crystal’s mass email program offers clients the tools to prepare and deliver a message. ONLY 2 Cents an email or low monthly rates!!

    • Generate Names and Emails: We provide code to collect names and emails
    • Email Design: We design the email campaign that best represents your business and what you want to communicate. Emails will be designed to meet FCC standards against spam.
    • Stats: We supply stats of the results of the email campaign


    Rates per Campaign Sent

    • 2¢ per email
    • 3¢ per phone recipient
    • Custom Design Fee – TBD.
      If using same look as your current website, then no extra charge  
      Example: If your list has 1000 people here are the associated costs

      • Campaign: $20 + $5 Service Fee = $25.00

    Monthly Rates + $5 Server Fee

    Total Email Relays
    Total Email Relays
    up to 500

    We will add the following form to your website:

    • Your data will be kept on our database
    • When you give the go ahead, we will send out a message.

    The hand holding a touchscreen communication device isolated on white background

. White screen of the device. Isolation.
Hand with a business communicator isolated on white background

  • icon_admannerPlacing AD Banners on an associate’s website draws in new traffic to your own website. They are more visible and a sound investment. We can create the banners for you, along with code, and send them to which ever site agrees to display your banners.

    • 1-5 websites (banner creation / HTML) $200
    • 6-10 websites (banner creation / HTML) $300 Addtion
    • 5 (banner creation / HTML) $100 plus



  • icon_sponsoredlinksGoogle AdSense is a program that allows website owners the possibility of additional revenues by displaying ads targetted to an audience. (Ex. handbags may target women). These adverts are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, and generate revenues by either a per-click or per-impression basis. This money is shared by Google to the respective website owner.

    • Pay Per Click – advertisers pay the publisher (typically a website owner) when the ad is clicked.
    • Per Impression or (Cost Per Impressions) advertisers pay for every time an ad is displayed

    This works for both Google and FaceBook



  • Custom Web Sites

    icon_webdesignWith a Portfolio of over 300 websites we feel confident that we can meet your needs and budget. View our portfolio to get an idea of the work we can provide.

    The main categories we have worked on are the following:


    Who Is Radio Rebel (Disney)







    Discounts offered when selecting a template from out affiliates at Template Monster or from Theme Forest. We do no involve ourselves within the adult entertainment industry or any industry that promotes violence or abuse to humans and animals.

  • Mobile Apps
    icon_mobilesiteMobile applications has become the fastest growing segment of the global mobile market. They are basically downloadable software, utilized in handheld devices such as the iPhone or Droid, to perform certain functions.

    Such functions include:

    • Communication: E-mailing, Texting, News, Social Networking, Navigation
    • Games
    • Multimedia: Video / Audio players,
    • Productivity: Calendars, Calculators, Spreadsheets, Banking

    With mobile apps you have the opportunity to allow consumers access to your business while they are on the ‘go’. Call us today (323.201.2184 ) to discuss building your own app!

    Mobile Optimized Sites
    Instead of apps, many businesses opt for websites optimized for mobile devices. A mobile website is a simplified version of your website that is optimized to display on smart phones and mobile devices. We can create one for you on iPhones, Droids, and Blackberries.